Is Vandalism Covered by my Condo Insurance?

Don Atwell & Associates are continually working to help condo owners in Desoto, TX maintain their property and keeping it looking its best. Vandalism can occur at any time and without warning. This type of destruction of property can be costly to repair, so you need to talk to your agent to ensure that you have the proper coverage.

Know Your Property Boundaries

Condo ownership means that you own your home. As part of a community property, however, you will need to know your property boundaries. With condos, it can be challenging to determine where your property ends and your neighbors’ property begins. If you are unsure, talk to the property management group that takes care of the primary property.

Talk to the Property Owner

If you experience any type of vandalism, theft, or other types of destruction of property, talk to your property management company. Some of your neighbors may be experiencing the same problem. Working together may result in finding a solution for keeping your property safer and better protected.

File Your Claim

Once you’ve talked to your property management company, file your claim with your insurance agent. They may also recommend filing a police report as well. Take pictures of the damage and document as much as you can. The more information you have, the better off you will be when making the necessary repairs.

In DeSoto, TX, condo owners are passionate about protecting their property and their homes. The agents at Don Atwell & Associates are ready to assist them in any way possible. When you notice vandalism to your condo or property, call one of their agents right away! Don’t wait to file your claim!