What is Covered By Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance refers to insurance that provides extra protection when your existing coverage gets exhausted. This means that if you incur costs exceeding your auto, boat, or home insurance, umbrella insurance will help you pay for your additional expenses. Before signing up for any policy within Desoto, TX, it is worth considering the areas this insurance covers. Below, Don Atwell & Associates details areas that umbrella insurance offers protection from.

Property Damage Liability

Property damage liability covers you when you get into an auto accident that results in significant property and vehicle damage. Umbrella insurance allows you to cover the repair and replacement costs for fixing 3rd party vehicles and properties such as buildings when your auto policy gets exhausted.

Bodily Injury Liability

Umbrella insurance also covers medical bills arising when you cause injury to 3rd parties. Instances that could lead to this include auto accidents, your guests injuring themselves in your home, or when your pet harms your visitors. When either of these events occurs, and your primary policies can no longer cover the expenses, umbrella insurance covers the balance arising from the treatment costs.

Rental Unit Liability

Rental unit liability protects you against claims you encounter as a landlord. If, for instance, your tenants fall due to faulty building structures, umbrella insurance will help you cover your liability claims. In addition to this, it will also help you cover medical expenses when your tenant’s dog bites visitors in your rental properties.

General Claims

Everyday claims will often not be covered by numerous policies, a gap that umbrella insurance covers. These include libel and slander when you make injurious written and spoken statements and malicious prosecution. Others that will also be covered include mental anguish when you cause harm to other parties, detention, and false arrest.

To get umbrella insurance within Desoto, TX, consider reaching out to Don Atwell & Associates today. We will help you get tailor-made coverage for your everyday needs.

Why You Need Flood Insurance Wherever You Live

Many people who don’t live in a flood zone probably think they don’t need a flood insurance policy. However, that’s not always the case. Many people find that this insurance option protects them in unexpected situations. And we at Don Atwell & Associates serving Desoto, TX can help give you the long-term coverage you need to avoid serious financial complications with your home and to get it back in order in no time. 

Floods Can Happen Anywhere

Here’s a startling statistic that may throw you for a loop as a homeowner: around 20 percent of all floods occur in areas with a "low-risk" flood rating. How is that possible? Well, just because a site is "low-risk" doesn’t mean that there is no risk. Floods can happen just about anywhere, especially during heavy rainstorms that may come unexpectedly and wash out your basement or other areas of a home.

What happens if you don’t have flood insurance when this happens? Well, you can expect to have to pay for every bit of repair and replacement in your home out of your pocket. You won’t have any help from your insurance policy and may end up struggling financially. You could also experience liability issues that may impact you if you aren’t careful with the people in your home when a flood strikes.

Get the Coverage You Need

Believe us when we say that flood insurance is vital in any home, even if your flood risk is low. So, if you’re interested in protecting your house from this danger and want to avoid any complications, make sure to contact us at Don Atwell & Associates near Desoto, TX. We can provide you with the high-quality protection that you need to minimize any complications that may occur.

What is Condo Insurance?

Condo insurance is a type of residential property insurance and is there to protect you on several fronts. Don Atwell & Associates serving the city of Desoto, TX would like you to know that they are available to assist you with any queries or insurance needs you may have.,

Condo insurance is there to cover the following:

The inside of your condo or apartment includes but is not limited to fixtures, fittings, and appliances. The exterior of your condo will be covered by a different type of insurance.

Personal possessions such as clothing, televisions, and furniture. This does, however, exclude any high-value items that are not specified, and you may need to consider additional coverage for these items.

Condo insurance may cover the medical bills of your guest if there is an accident.

Liability – this is a big one. It should cover you for any injuries a guest may sustain to themselves or your property while inside your residence. It also covers you if there is accidental damage to the property caused by you or your family members, including pets.

Additional living expenses (ALE) are for when you are displaced for a particular reason while your home is repaired. Please review the policy wording here carefully.

Condo insurance can be comprehensive. To provide sufficient coverage, you need to be aware of your requirements including, but not limited to, the value of your possessions and the replacement cost or cash value of your fixtures and fittings. Furthermore, in Texas specifically, there will be exclusions. Flood insurance is usually extra coverage that needs to be purchased. Hail and windstorm insurance is another.

Condo insurance protects your residence, so contact Don Atwell & Associates serving Desoto, TX today and make sure that you and your home are covered.

How much life insurance is enough

One of the most frequently asked questions about life insurance is "how much life insurance is enough?".  Life insurance is not one size fits all; it needs to be customized to fit your needs. An independent insurance agent can help by making sure they know you and your needs. At Don Atwell & Associates in Desoto, TX we have been serving the residents of the South Dallas area for more than 30 years. Our team will take to time to make sure you have the insurance that is right for you. 

Life insurance needs to change over your lifetime. When you are young you will not need the same amount of life insurance as you will during the years when you have children who depend on you. As you age and go into your golden years, your life insurance needs will also be much less than in your prime years. 

The time when you need to know how much life insurance is enough the most is when you have to plan to protect your partner and your children. If you have small children and perhaps several small children, you need to provide enough money so that they can maintain their current lifestyle. Experts suggest between 7 and 10 years of your yearly income. But if you are talking about 15 years that may not even be enough. If your spouse doesn’t work outside the home, it can be even more and if you want to make sure they have money for college that is another expense. 

It may be beyond your means to purchase and maintain the payments on this amount. Talking to your independent insurance agent about what your options are will relieve your mind and get you on track to have the coverage you need. 

Contact Don Atwell & Associates in Desoto, TX when you are ready to discuss your life insurance needs. 

What auto insurance is required in Texas

Technically, Texas doesn’t require its drivers to have auto insurance. What the state does require is that drivers show proof they could pay for any claim from an accident they cause. The easiest way to do this is with auto insurance, but you don’t have to take the easy way. At Don Atwell & Associates in Desoto, TX we have been serving the South Dallas area for over 30 years. We provide customized insurance solutions for our customers which gives you exactly what you need. 

The requirements for liability coverage in Texas are 30/60/25. The $30,000 covers medical bills and injury to one person in an accident you cause with all injuries topping out at $60,000. Property damage is covered for $25,000. This is called basic coverage and while it seems a reasonable amount of money it may not be adequate if you have considerable assets. 

In Texas and just about every other state, if you have an auto loan, or you lease your vehicle, you will be required to carry comprehensive coverage and collision coverage. This protects your vehicle from damage or complete destruction. 

While the state may not require that you have more than liability coverage, common sense will tell you that you need to protect your vehicle if you don’t have the finances to easily repair or replace your vehicle. By covering your vehicle with comprehensive, which is for events beyond your control and collision which is for accidents you are responsible for, you can make sure that when you need your vehicle, you will have it. 

When you need to talk about your auto insurance or get your policy reviewed, the experienced independent agents at Don Atwell & Associates in Desoto, TX will be here to help out. Stop into the office or give us a call for a no-obligation quote. 

Why should Texas businesses get commercial insurance?

Those in DeSoto, TX, and want to start a business will find that the location provides many great opportunities. However, to continue to be successful, various risks need to be mitigated. One way that you can continue to mitigate these risks is by investing in a commercial insurance plan. There continue to be a variety of reasons why businesses here should get this coverage. 

Protect Business

The main advantage of having commercial insurance when running a business in Texas is that it can protect your organization. Anyone who would like to run a business will need to invest in assets, including equipment and inventory. With commercial coverage, you are going to receive insurance to protect these assets. Additionally, you will obtain liability coverage to mitigate the risk of being named in a liability lawsuit.

Meet Insurance Compliance

It would be best if you also got a commercial insurance plan to meet your compliance requirements. Anyone who wants to start a business should understand that they will be bound by agreements they sign with lenders, investors, landlords, clients, and other parties. Many of these requirements will expect that you obtain and maintain a proper insurance plan. 

A business in the state of Texas should always take its insurance needs seriously. When you are looking to insure your DeSoto, TX area business, it would be wise to call Don Atwell & Associates. There are many choices to be made when you are looking for commercial insurance, and Don Atwell & Associates can make the process easier for you. The team here will help evaluate your needs and options and give you the support necessary to build a quality insurance plan.

Simple hacks to reduce accidents at home

Your home should be a safe haven for everyone living with you. Many seniors and toddlers in Desoto, TX face the huge challenge of living in houses that do not match their needs. Stairs, poorly ventilated rooms, and slippery floors top the list. So, how can we make our homes safe for all? Here are a few hacks by Don Atwell & Associates insurance professionals you can implement to improve home safety.

Clear the stairway

The stairs are the most dangerous part of any home. Slipping and falling on a flight of stairs can lead to severe body injuries. Therefore, always keep the stairs clean and remove unnecessary items that could lead to a fall, like trailing wires. If there is no natural light, make sure they are well-lit to avoid falls due to poor lighting.

Lock the gas

If you’re not home, learn to completely lock the gas from the gas container to avoid fire hazards, especially with children at home. Kettles, coffee makers, microwaves, and sandwich makers are also common hazards that can lead to serious burns. If you have small children at home, you may need to reduce or change how you use these items. You can place the items far from the counter and keep their cords out of reach for the small hands.

Clear bushes

Americans are nature enthusiasts, and many prefer to have their surroundings covered in trees and other plants. However, it’s always a good idea to do it in moderation. Keeping a bushy compound creates a conducive environment for animals and thieves to hide. While you may want to keep your compound as natural as possible, make sure you can see what is behind those trees around your compound.

Conduct a thorough inspection of your compound

Falling trees, sharp objects, and cans of chemicals lying around your compound not only make your compound look ugly but dangerous for visitors and other members of your family. Consider cleaning and clearing all these items to improve safety.

Don’t forget to buy home insurance in Desoto, TX. Insurance professionals at Don Atwell & Associates are ready to help you find a policy that fits your needs, style, and budget.

Renters Insurance FAQ

As you continue to plan to relocate to Desoto, TX, you should also be preparing to get your renters insurance from Don Atwell & Associates. Your tenant will not be covering your belongings through homeowners insurance, which means that you need to cover your properties through this policy. However, understanding some FAQs on renters insurance may hint at how this policy is important. 

Does Renters Insurance Flash Cover Flood Damages?

Just like in-home insurance, renters’ coverage does not cover risks or damages associated with flooding. As such, you need to get supplemental insurance that covers flood risks and associated damages. 

Does Renters Insurance Cover My Car?

The fact that your car is not inside your room means that the renter’s insurance will not cover it. In most cases, homeowners insurance may be responsible for your car as it is within their jurisdiction. However, theft of personal properties inside your car is covered by renter insurance. 

Does Renters Insurance Cover Rodents?

If you have a rodent infestation in your room or other unwanted pests such as bedbugs, your renter’s insurance will not help. It is upon you to make sure that your house is clean and free from bedbugs and rodent infestation.

Is Renters Insurance Expensive?

Technically, renters insurance is one of the cheapest insurance policies you can get in the market. However, several factors play a central role in determining the amount of money you will be paying for renters insurance. If you have items of value, such as expensive furniture, electronics, and sports equipment, you’re likely to pay higher insurance premiums for this policy.

Do I Need Renters Insurance?

If you live in Desoto, TX, most of the tenants require that you have renters insurance to cover most personal items. You can get your renter’s insurance policy from Don Atwell & Associates and avoid inconveniences in your new home. 

Who needs to get condo insurance in Lancaster?

When you live in the Lancaster, PA area, you should consider buying a home. One type of housing option to consider is to purchase a condo, which provides the benefits of homeownership but comes with fewer maintenance responsibilities. As you are looking for a new condo, you should also consider your insurance needs. There continue to be various situations when someone in this area of the state needs condo coverage.

Those with a Mortgage

A common situation when someone will need to have a condo insurance plan will be when they take out a mortgage. Most property buyers in this area will want to finance their purchase with a mortgage. If you have taken out financing, your mortgage lender will have insurance rules that you need to meet. To ensure you remain covered at all times, they may require that you escrow for your payments each month.

Those with Association Rules

Most of the time, a condo owner is going to be part of a larger condo association. Most condo associations will also have a set of rules and bylaws that need to be met. One common obligation is the requirement to carry condo insurance at all times. The association will have specific rules about insurance, but they likely will require that you provide regular evidence of coverage. 

If you would like to get a condo insurance plan when you are in the Lancaster, PA area, it would be a good idea to call the Waller Insurance Agency. The insurance professionals with the Waller Insurance Agency understand how valuable and important this coverage is. They can give you the support that you need to choose a plan and keep your condo properly covered by insurance at all times.

Should I get RV insurance in Texas?

If you are in the DeSoto, TX area, owning an RV can be a good investment. Those that choose to purchase one of these vehicles will find that it is fun to drive while also offering you a comfortable place to sleep when you are not on the road. This can make it a great asset to own if you intend to tour the country. Those who purchase an RV in this area of Texas should carefully assess their insurance needs. There are several reasons why you should get this insurance coverage.

Coverage for Liability Risk

It would be best if you got an RV insurance plan in this area of Texas so you can get coverage to mitigate liability risk. Those that own RVs will take on some liability risk regularly. This includes liability risk when you are driving it and when you have a guest over. With proper coverage, you can mitigate both of these risks.

Coverage for Asset

An RV is also a major asset that you will want to cover and protect. When you get RV insurance with full collision and comprehensive protection, it will provide you with the necessary coverage to keep your asset protected. This coverage is also usually required if you took out a loan to buy it. 

If you are an RV owner in the DeSoto, TX area, it would be a good idea for you to speak with someone that you can trust and are experienced. A great resource for you to work with is Don Atwell & Associates. The team with Don Atwell & Associates understands the value that this type of coverage provides. They can then offer you the coverage and protection that is needed to build and choose your plan.