Simple hacks to reduce accidents at home

Your home should be a safe haven for everyone living with you. Many seniors and toddlers in Desoto, TX face the huge challenge of living in houses that do not match their needs. Stairs, poorly ventilated rooms, and slippery floors top the list. So, how can we make our homes safe for all? Here are a few hacks by Don Atwell & Associates insurance professionals you can implement to improve home safety.

Clear the stairway

The stairs are the most dangerous part of any home. Slipping and falling on a flight of stairs can lead to severe body injuries. Therefore, always keep the stairs clean and remove unnecessary items that could lead to a fall, like trailing wires. If there is no natural light, make sure they are well-lit to avoid falls due to poor lighting.

Lock the gas

If you’re not home, learn to completely lock the gas from the gas container to avoid fire hazards, especially with children at home. Kettles, coffee makers, microwaves, and sandwich makers are also common hazards that can lead to serious burns. If you have small children at home, you may need to reduce or change how you use these items. You can place the items far from the counter and keep their cords out of reach for the small hands.

Clear bushes

Americans are nature enthusiasts, and many prefer to have their surroundings covered in trees and other plants. However, it’s always a good idea to do it in moderation. Keeping a bushy compound creates a conducive environment for animals and thieves to hide. While you may want to keep your compound as natural as possible, make sure you can see what is behind those trees around your compound.

Conduct a thorough inspection of your compound

Falling trees, sharp objects, and cans of chemicals lying around your compound not only make your compound look ugly but dangerous for visitors and other members of your family. Consider cleaning and clearing all these items to improve safety.

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