What is Condo Insurance?

Condo insurance is a type of residential property insurance and is there to protect you on several fronts. Don Atwell & Associates serving the city of Desoto, TX would like you to know that they are available to assist you with any queries or insurance needs you may have.,

Condo insurance is there to cover the following:

The inside of your condo or apartment includes but is not limited to fixtures, fittings, and appliances. The exterior of your condo will be covered by a different type of insurance.

Personal possessions such as clothing, televisions, and furniture. This does, however, exclude any high-value items that are not specified, and you may need to consider additional coverage for these items.

Condo insurance may cover the medical bills of your guest if there is an accident.

Liability – this is a big one. It should cover you for any injuries a guest may sustain to themselves or your property while inside your residence. It also covers you if there is accidental damage to the property caused by you or your family members, including pets.

Additional living expenses (ALE) are for when you are displaced for a particular reason while your home is repaired. Please review the policy wording here carefully.

Condo insurance can be comprehensive. To provide sufficient coverage, you need to be aware of your requirements including, but not limited to, the value of your possessions and the replacement cost or cash value of your fixtures and fittings. Furthermore, in Texas specifically, there will be exclusions. Flood insurance is usually extra coverage that needs to be purchased. Hail and windstorm insurance is another.

Condo insurance protects your residence, so contact Don Atwell & Associates serving Desoto, TX today and make sure that you and your home are covered.